Brother ScanNCut ... the world's first home & hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner

Introducing the ScanNCut from Brother! The ScaNCut is the world's first home and hobby cutting Brother ScanNCut

machine with a built-in scanner.


The ScanNCut is certainly a versatile piece of technology! As you scroll down the page you will find videos ranging from features to tutorials. New videos were added as they became available so they are not in subject order.


At the end of each page be sure to click on more videos to scroll through and choose a video of interest to you. You are sure to find the information you are seeking and will be amazed at what the ScanNCut can do!


Locate the ScanNCut in our online shop 
Locate this product in our online shop and view even more videos.


Please note: these videos feature the ScanNCut as sold in the US so please be aware there may be slight differences between the US and Australian models. 




Tutorial: Making Quilt Blocks



Tutorial: Cutting Custom Appliques



Feature: Direct Cut and Scanning



Feature: Turn Artwork into Custom Cut Files



Tutorial: Adding Embellishment to Clothing



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